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Pr. Babu Cherian

Address : I.P.C. Ebenezer, Piravom, Ernakulam, Kerala
Phone : 91-485-224-3515, 91-944-681-3619, 91-944-711-9515

1. Live for Christ2. One Died for All3. Love of Christ Compels Us4. Our Iniquity upon Him
5. We are all One in Christ-16. We are all One in Christ-27. We are all One in Christ-38. Multitude pressed about Him
9. Know the Power10. Love and Coming of the Lord 11. Jesus who brings Change12. There is a River
13. Be serious and watchful in your Prayers 14. Jesus Gives True Rest15. Spiritual Race-116. Spiritual Race-2
17. Spiritual Race-318. Right Christian Life19. Presence of His Glory20. Keep your from Stumbling
21. You Have Not Passed This Way Before22. Luke 723. Christ Jesus our High Priest24. Will of God
25. Walk in Wisdom 26. God’s Will27. Holy Life 28. Our Life’s Priorities
29. Why Worry Trust The Lord30. Key Steps For Spiritual Race31. Reason for our Hope32. If the Righteous one is Scarcely Saved
33.  If anyone serves Me34. Life Secrets-135. Life Secrets-236. Be Born Again
37. Become Children of God38. Jesus Gives True Rest 39. Anointing and Witness40. Trained by Saving Grace
41. Abide in Him42. Remain in Him43. Decisions and Blessings44. Reaction of a Believer
45. If Christ is the Cornerstone46. The Chosen Stone47. Cursed is he who does not love Jesus48. Prayer
49. Foreknowledge of God50. Salvation ready to be Revealed51. A Heavenly Inheritance52. Our Citizenship in Heaven
53. Turning Back54. Not by Bread Alone55. The Glory That Is to Be56. Remain in My Word
57. 5 Things Jesus said to his Disciples58. None of you should Perish59. Becoming a Disciple60. Influential Christian
61. Persecution62. Grow up in your Salvation63. Three types of Transformation64. Obey God’s Word
65. Pray with sober mind and be Alert66. Jesus Loved us and Freed Us67. Spiritual Growth-268. Spiritual Growth-1
69. Become a child of God70. I will be a Father to You71. Know who is Jesus Christ72. Three Churches
73. Great Love74. Praise to God for a Living Hope75. A Day for Judgement76. Joy
77. Why Jesus Came?78. The Unique Christ 79. Wish of Jesus80. Disciple
81. Cost of Being a Disciple82. Decisions and Blessings83. Spirit of the Lord came upon Samson84. Word became Flesh
85. Power when the Holy Spirit Comes86. Receive the Power of the Holy Spirit87. Know Satan's Tactics and Overcome88. Freedom In Christ
89. The Valley of Darkness90. Death of Christ91. Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ92. The Great Commission
93. You bear much Fruit94. Joseph, the fruitful Tree95. Don't misuse the Grace of God96. Freedom from Sin
97. Magnitude of God's Grace98. Stay Alert for Christ Return99. Concepts of Holiness100. Manifestations of the Holy Spirit (Kumbanad 2014)
101. Declare the Praises102. Enlarge My Territory103. God the Provider104. The Parable of the Royal Wedding Feast
105. The Parable of the Ten Virgins106. Jesus Calls His First Disciples107. Joy and Pleasure108. Praise God at All Time
109. Family Seminar (Kuwait)110. Who is Wise?111. Jesus Appears to His Disciples112. Dangers of Forgetfulness (Kumbanad 2013)
113. Presence of Jesus114. Partaker of the Gospel115. Gospel and God's Role116. Sake of the Gospel
117. Gospel Partnership118. Intercessory Prayer119. Man of Prayer120. Family Life
121. Standing before the Lord122. Abraham Pleads for Sodom123. Fulfil Our Calling124. Let Us Exalt his Name
125. Church Needs to Return126. Return to Jesus127. We May Return128. Restore us to Yourself
129. God wants you to Live a Holy Life130. Know Right and Wrong131. Abiding in the Presence of God132. On the Road to Emmaus
133. God Gave his Son134. Jesus is Coming Soon (PCNAK 2012)135. Become a Child of God136. Mary, Mother of Jesus
137. Make Heaven Happy138. Three Periods139. Walking with Jesus140. Seeds that Fell in Rocky Places
141. Seeds that Fell142. Jesus revealed his Glory143. Food that endures to Eternal Life144. Let God Become Your Best Friend (Kumbanad 2012)
145. Christ's Love Compels Us146. You Cannot Serve Two Masters147. Serve the Lord148. Let our Home Glorify God
149. Live for Christ150. Work for Eternal Life151. Bear Fruit152. Joseph the Fruitful Tree
153. Obtain Eternal Life154. Jesus Our Example155. Jesus The Bread of Life-2156. Jesus The Bread of Life-1
157. Presence of Jesus158. Teach us to Pray159. Realize the Love of God160. Move in God's Love
161. Transformed by God's Love162. Love the Lord at all Times163. Love the Lord at all Times164. Exalt Him
165. Glorify God's Name166. Jesus the Bread of Life167. Jesus the Greatest Forgiver168. Neither do I Condemn You
169. The Purpose of Prayer (Kumbanad Convention - 2011)170. Salvation through Christ171. A New Creation in Christ172. You will be Witnesses (PCNAK 2010)
173. I will build my Church174. Are you a New Creation175. He Sustains Everything176. Your Joy may be Complete
177. I will sent You -2178. I will sent You -1179. If anyone in Christ is a new Creation180. God of Daniel (Part-2)
181. God of Daniel (Part-1)182. Stand Firm (Part-2)183. Stand Firm (Part-1)184. Lord will Accomplish
185. Let your Light Shine186. Promise of the Spirit187. Abide in Me188. Bear Good Fruit
189. The Vine and the Branches190. He Redeemed Us191. God Chose You192. Be Rooted in Christ
193. Dead to Sin,Alive in Christ (Part-2)194. Dead to Sin,Alive in Christ (Part-1)195. Jesus who walks with you196. Fullness of Joy
197. Do you Truly Love Me198. Word will Achieve its Purpose199. Ways to Pray (Part-2)200. Ways to Pray (Part-1)
201. God Does Miracle Even Today (Part-2)202. God Does Miracle Even Today (Part-1)203. Weak Mind204. Grace of God that brings Salvation
205. The Day of the Lord206. Freedom Because of the Gospel207. Importance of Gospel208. Rest for the Weary
209. The Faith of the Centurion210. At the Potter's House211. Everlasting Father212. Mighty God
213. Peace214. Perfect in Christ215. Word Like Fire216. Wonderful Counsellor
217. Prince of Peace218. Peace of God (Part-2)219. Peace of God (Part-1)220. Jesus the Good Shepherd
221. Free Salvation222. Jesus Saves The Lost223. Any Who Seek God (Part-2)224. Any Who Seek God (Part-1)
225. Repentance of Zacchaeus226. Jesus Able to Save Completely227. Jesus Died for Us228. Two Criminals on the Cross
229. Freedom because of the Word230. Come to Jesus231. Cheer up your Mind232. Sacrifice pleasing to God
233. Do Wonders for God234. Stand for God235. Prayerful Life236. Pay your Debts
237. Types of Prayer238. Power Through His Spirit239. Know Your God240. Give Respect to God
241. Samaritan Women (Part-2)242. Samaritan Women (Part-1)243. The Wise and Foolish Builders244. Seek His Kingdom
245. Truth will Free You246. Truth Shall Set you Free-2247. Truth Shall Set you Free-1248. God's Love for Us
249. Work of God250. We are Debtors251. Treasures252. Prayer
253. Take up the Yoke254. Know your Debts255. Store your Treasures in Heaven256. Glory