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Pr. Tinu George

Address : Post Box No.: 9, Kottarakara, Kollam District, India - 691 506
Phone :  0474 245 7881, 0474 245 7882, 0474 245 7883
Email : jesusisaliveprayer@gmail.com

1. Deliver Family Life from Demonic Bondage2. How to Enter into the Blessings of Abraham?3. Some Curse Reasons4. Ordinary to Extra Ordinary
5. Boldness, Fear and Revival6. Glory 7. God Who Opens Doors8. God will destroy barriers and Build
9. The Road to Emmaus10. The Love of God11. Jesus is the good Father12. The Empty Tomb
13. Jesus who Delivers14. God will Increase my Speed15. Jesus Handles 3 Cases16. Jesus entered this world to render Judgment
17. Guard Your Anointing18. God makes Impossible Possible19. Benefit and Blessing of the Lord's Supper20. To Throw the Stone
21. The Sinful Woman 22. Power from on High23. Power from on High 24. Spiritual Blindness
25. Prayer Life, its Importance26. Elijah was just like Us27. Let your light shine before others28. Everyone who Believes
29. Restore us to yourself, Lord30. How we became children of God31. Right to become children of God32. Importance of Prayer Life
33. Importance of Prayer Life34. Jesus Promises Living Water35. On the Road to Emmaus36. When Jesus Restores
37. Jesus is Alive38. As the Father has loved Me39. Jesus will Deliver You40. Priority in our Christian Life
41. Jesus Restores a Demon-Possessed Man42. Blessing and Curse43. Faith44. Peace be with You
45. Rivers of Living Water46. Treasures in Heaven47. Salvation48. Victorious Christian Life
49. Three Types of Peace50. The Empty Tomb51. Compassion of Jesus52. Cornerstone
53. Prayer Life54. Jesus is Risen55. Repentance56. God's Time