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Pr. Shaji Daniel


1. Diligence to Enter into God's Rest2. Be Filled in the Holy Spirit3. Faith to Exercise Spiritual Authority4. Exercise Spiritual Authority
5. Tears and Prayer6. The Greatness of God's Grace7. Principal of Substitution8. Servant or King
9. The Hope of Eternal Life10. Weeping Turned into Dancing11. Jesus the Defender of the Weak12. A Fresh Beginning
13. Rising Above The Crowd14. God's Creation 15. Second Phase of Life and Ministry16. Perfume of Gratitude and Devotion
17. New Creation in Christ 18. Walking in Christ19. Esther Saves the Jews20. Every Chain Broken
21. Do not mess with the Holy Spirit 22. Holy Spirit Provides Confidence and Courage 23. Holy Spirit for Physical Healing24. Holy Spirit Promise Received
25. Holy Spirit in Action 26. Born Natural, Lived Supernatural27. Chosen and Liberated28. Spirit In, Fear Out
29. Grace & Faith that can conquer Circumstances30. Thy Kingdom Come31. Disciplines are not Denials32. Overcoming our Distress Situations
33. Venture to be Different34. A Renewed Covenant of Revival 35. Test your Faith36. Miracles Glorify Christ
37. Partners in God's business38. He who was Rich became Poor39. Binding the evil one40. Spirit filled life and worship
41. Setting the captives free42. A Renewed Vision43. Playing our role in miracles44. Lord's Prayer-1
45. Lord's Prayer-246. Lord's Prayer-347. Lord's Prayer-448. Lord's Prayer-5
49. Spirit that cripples us-250. Spirit that cripples51. The hour has come52. Commitment to Success-2
53. Commitment to Success-154. Strengthening of our Soul55. Expression of Faith56. Fullness in Christ
57. The supremacy of Christian Living58. Spiritual risks yield spiritual rewards59. Diligence to enter the "Rest"60. Priority in Life
61. Pure Devotion to Christ62. God's ways through the Tempest63. Sin of Suppressing the Truth64. Spiritual Eye Surgery
65. Worship motivated by love and forgiveness66. Repentance restores our relationship with God67. In whom to put my trust?68. Place of our Trust and Confidence
69. He is Risen70. Mission71. Power of the Holy Spirit72. Intimacy in Family Relationship