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Pr. Raju Methra

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1. Don't Run Away from Responsiblities2. Intercessory Prayer3. New Jerusalem 4. Last Days
5. Eternity6. Is it Time for World War 37. Barren Fig Tree8. The Model Prayer
9. All Things Works Together for Good10. Nailed it to the Cross 11. The Lamb of God12. Judging
13. Watch & Pray 14. Prayer15. Our Father16. The Importance of Watching
17. Worthy Is the Lamb18. The Potter's Field19. Four Living Creatures20. Holy Living
21. Carried me away in the Spirit 22. You in My Hand23. The Parable of the Rich Fool24. The Potter and the Clay
25. The Death of Jesus26. Vision of the Glorious Man27. Faith28. Endure Hardship as a Christian
29. Get ready for Eternity30. Lord is Coming31. Word of God lives in You32. Crucified Christ
33. Be Rich in Relation to God 34. Lamb of God35. Prayers of the Saints 36. The Unique Christ
37. Lords Supper - Blessing or Judgement38. Overcomers in Christ39. Confidence to enter the Most Holy Place40. Come near to God
41. Thanksgiving and Prayer42. Blessing and Judgement43. We may present everyone fully mature in Christ44. The Power of Prayer and Fasting
45. He has taken it away, nailing it to the Cross46. The Guidance of the Holy Spirit (Kumbanad 2014)47. Worship48. The Believer's Hope of Glory
49. Most High is Sovereign over All50. You are Worthy51. Purchased by the Blood52. The Scroll
53. Christ Our Present and Future Hope (Kumbanad 2013)54. Where is the World Heading to?55. God works for the Good56. Know Your God
57. Son of Man will come Anytime58. Prepare to meet your God59. Healing and Transformation60. Plan of God
61. Be My Witness62. Father Who Judges Impartially63. Whom Shall I Send (PCNAK 2011)64. The Blood of the Lamb
65. Who was Jesus?66. Devil has only a Short time67. I will be his God and he will be my Son68. Trials are a Blessing
69. God's Plan and Purpose70. God's Plan for Eternity and our Responsibility71. Noah's Time has Come72. Daniel's Vision of a Man
73. Hand of God74. Prayer of the Saint75. Let my People Worship Me (Part-2)76. Let my People Worship Me (Part-1)
77. Whoever believes in him shall not Perish78. He is Coming to Restore79. Born of Christ80. Sound of Trumpet
81. End Times82. Coming Of Ages83. Jesus Will Deliver84. Holy Pray
85. Let my People Go86. Born Again87. Righteousness of Saints88. Come out of Her
89. God's Judgement90. Fulfillment of all that has been Written (Part-2)91. Fulfillment of all that has been Written (Part-1)