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Pr. Shibu Thomas (Oklahoma)

Address : 115 N Briarwood St, Yukon, OK 73099 USA
Phone : +1 405 265 2007, +1 972-900-8578
Email : pastorshibuthomas@yahoo.com

1. Return To Your Native Land2. Jehovah Rapha - Healing From Sin3. Who Is This Jesus?4. Responsibilities of a Watchman
5. Do Not Faint In The Days of Adversity6. Healing by Grace7. Work of Grace8. A Victorious Past
9. Because of Grace10. We Need Grace 11. Accept Yourself 12. Knowledge or Life
13. The River Flowing From Above14. They looked to Him and were Radiant15. Spiritual Lameness 16. Accept Yourself
17. Will These Dry Bones Be Born Again18. Spirit helps in our Weaknesses19. All things work together for Good20. How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place
21. Thus Says The Lord22. Be a Person with a Different Spirit23. People With A Different Spirit 24. Missions Praying & Giving
25. Confuse Their Language 26. Wait Upon The Lord And Renew Your Strength27. This Is My Body Which Is Given For You28. Will You Not Revive Us Again
29. Are you a Disciple 30. Overflowing Spiritual Blessings31. Passion Week - The Last Seven Days32. He is Risen! Christos Anesti!
33. Water Baptism 34. Baptism in the Holy Spirit35. Fear of God 36. To The Church In Ephesus
37. God’s Dream Church38. Happy Family39. A Peaceful Church40. What God Expects From His Church
41. Obedience Always Brings Blessings42. Wait on the Lord43. Holy Life44. Judgement of the Saints
45. Rise Up and Walk in Jesus Name46. Arrow of Deception47. Arrow of Open Ridicule48. Arrow of Compromise
49. Arrow of Financial Crisis50. Discouragement51. Arrow of Conspiracy52. Seven Things For A New Year
53. Jesus at the Lake of Gennesaret54. Be Lead by the Spirit55. Authority of Jesus56. what do you have
57. God who Opens 58. Redeeming the Time59. Be in the Spirit60. Our Work and God's Work
61. Do not take us to Jordan62. Satan's attack against Church63. Become a New Creation64. New Experiences with God
65. Know who you are66. Lion that Devour Children67. Lions roar with Authority68. Receive The Holy Spirit
69. Wise Men Opened Their Treasures70. Vision71. Mission of Resurrection72. Open the Door for Christ
73. Three Houses of Esther74. Build an Altar of Victory 75. Song in Trials76. What God expects from Church
77. Happy in such a State78. Going to the House of Lord 79. God will build the Church80. Battle belongs to God
81. Faith In the Presence of God82. By Faith They Closed the Mouths of Lion83. Why is the saints death precious to the Lord?84. By Faith Gideon
85. By Faith Noah86. Faith Without Questioning God87. By Faith Isaac Blessed His Sons88. By Faith Sarah
89. By Faith Joseph Spoke About Life Beyond the Grave90. By Faith Jacob Blessed His Grandsons & Blessed Others91. By Faith Moses Rejected the World 92. By Faith The Walls of Jericho Fell
93. Mystery of the Lord's Table94. Walking By Faith 95. Win Your Battles 96. Increase our Faith
97. Let Our Faith Be Seen98. Faith in Action 99. Children Are A Gift From God 100. Do Not Be Afraid, Only Believe
101. Obtain A Testimony From God By Faith 102. Seven sayings on the Cross-2103. Seven sayings on the Cross-1104. Worship By Faith
105. Finish The Race 106. Message of The Resurrection107. Grandpa Who Knew Grand Purpose108. Compassion and Mercy
109. A Different Spirit 110. Know Your Debt And Pay Your Debt 111. God will meet all your Needs112. Don't Turn Your Vineyard Into Herb Garden
113. Christ our Mediator114. Way of Newborn Life 115. Get Over It! 116. A Message From The Mess
117. Walk in the Word "Tsadhe"118. Walk in the Word "Shin & Taw" 119. Four precious things in the Epistles of Peter120. Make A Decision That Pleases God
121. Weak Made Strong 122. Walk in the Word "Ayin"123. Walk in the Word "Mem"124. Walk in the Word "Nun"
125. Do Not Fear, I Am With You126. Walk in the Word "Kaph"127. Walk in the Word "Lamedh"128. Walk in the Word "Beth"
129. Walk in the Word "Daleth"130. Walk in the Word "Waw"131. Walk in the Word "Zayln"132. Walk in the Word "Heth"
133. Walk in the Word "Teth" 134. Walk in the Word "Yodh" 135. Walk in the Word "Aleph" 136. Role of the Church
137. Walk in the Word "Gimel"-2138. Walk in the Word "Gimel"-1139. Consider This 140. Joseph
141. Exam the Scriptures142. My grace is sufficient for You