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Pr. P.C Cherian

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Email : pccgi@yahoo.ca

1. Importance of Prayer2. Light from the Darkness3. Put on Christ 4. We will Rise up and Build
5. Hold on to your Faith6. Four Titles7. Son of Man is Coming8. Precious Blood of Christ
9. Jesus Forgives and Heals.10. The Prayer in Gethsemane11. I Never Knew You12. How to Pray?
13. Christ Our Cornerstone14. Still there is Room15. Why did Jesus Come to this World?16. Lord will build when everyone Fail
17. God who does Rare Things18. Who can stop God's Plan19. Know who Jesus Christ Is20. Let us Exalt his Name
21. Was dead and is alive again22. Good news that will cause great Joy23. Changing Bitter water to Sweet24. It is not good for man to be alone
25. Be Holy26. Gave him up for us All27. Love of the Cross28. Go into all the World
29. Jesus Heals a Deaf and Mute Man30. Genealogy of Jesus31. Christ Crucified32. Second Coming of Jesus-2
33. Second Coming of Jesus-134. It is Time for Judgment35. Revive us Again36. The Coming of the Kingdom of God
37. Jesus Comes to Jerusalem38. Jesus Is the Messiah39. Well of Samaria40. Be My Witness
41. Do the Will of God42. Do not Turn Back43. Whom Shall I Send (PCNAK 2011)44. We will Serve the Lord (NACOG 2011)
45. Restore Our Ancient Glory46. Power of the Holy Spirit47. Prayer48. My Hour has Come
49. Jesus is the only Saviour50. Eternal Life51. Third Hour52. God is Good
53. Jesus Knows your Needs54. Jesus Knows your Needs55. Arise and Build56. Believe In God
57. God Raised Him From Dead58. Standing before the Lord59. Hold on to Jesus60. Woman, Why are you Crying?
61. Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer62. Lord will Deliver63. Scripture is Fulfilled