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Rev. Dr. Monis George

Address : 9707 Bustleton Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19115 USA
Phone : +1 972-904-0994

1. You Are an Episitle of Christ 2. Jesus is True3. Do the Will of God 4. Blessed Church and Its Glorious Future
5. A Human Weapon But Divine Work6. Who Is God and who is God to Us?7. Last Resort8. Blessed Church and Its Glorious Future
9. A Human Weapon But Divine Work10. Not A Step Without God11. The Power of Forgiveness12. The Scarlet Cord
13. Talk to God14. Valley of Blessing15. Last Chapter16. Wait for the Day of Redemption
17. Talk to God18. Daniel Go your Way19. Bible Conference20. Purpose of our Existence
21. No Other gods before Me 22. Gaius 23. Prayer24. He Inspires, We Perform
25. Serve the Lord 26. Galilee27. Lord knows your Needs 28. Seal of the Holy Spirit
29. Spiritual Birth30. God is on the Throne31. The Value of Diligence32. Bones of Joseph
33. The Value of Diligence34. Saul Converted 35. Power of Resurrection36. Ideal Family
37. Victory Is A Shout Away38. Silence and Solitude39. The Path of Anointing40. God will Change your Situation
41. Day of the Lord42. Trials and Temptations43. He blessed him There44. Choice Matters
45. Strengthened with Power 46. Glory of the Lord47. Victory over the Enemy48. Preeminence of Christ
49. Apple of His Eye50. Moses51. Can These Bones Live52. Seize your Opportunity
53. Priscilla and Aquila54. Encounter with God55. Persecution56. The Unique Christ in his Birth
57. Jesus has Overcome the World58. Discern the Challenges59. Remove your Gods 60. God Encourages the Discouraged
61. Providing God62. What is a typical Church?63. 5 Instruments of God64. Kingdom of God
65. Yielding for Mission66. Wonder working God67. Lord will Deliver You68. Spirit who lives in Us