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Rev. Dr. K.C John

Address : IPC Gospel Center Church, Nedumpuram P O, Thiruvalla, Kerala 689578
Phone : 91-996-153-8399

1. Without Faith 2. Future and a hope3. The Heavenly Blessings4. Twist Your Story
5. Jesus is Mighty6. I will do a New Thing7. Grace of God8. Christ Our Cornerstone
9. Commission10. Be Transformed11. The Coming Messenger12. The Unique Christ
13. What a great salvation we have14. Our God15. Without Faith16. Son of Man is Coming
17. Word of Life18. No One to Help19. Christ Fulfilment Of Promise20. Inaugural Message (Kumbanad 2013)
21. Jesus Died and Rose Again22. Blood that makes Atonement23. Lift up your Heads24. Righteousness through Faith
25. What is Worship?26. Transforming Power of Christ27. Open Air Meeting (Tvm)28. Hope
29. Gospel will be Preached30. Living Sacrifices31. Love32. Grace for Gentiles
33. Work together for Good34. Worship the Lord35. Righteous God36. Leap over a Wall
37. Jesus in the Gospel38. Praise him at all times39. Paul's Trip to Rome-240. Paul's Trip to Rome-1
41. How did Jesus Minister?42. Christ left an Example43. Church will Grow44. Our Blessed Hope
45. Know your Calling46. Grace is Sufficient47. Naaman48. Who is Jesus?
49. Holiness50. To Whom do you Belong51. Rescue me from the Wicked52. Do not remain Silent
53. The Cost of Being a Disciple54. Multiply and Grow55. Lord will keep his Promises56. Stand for God
57. Hallelujah58. Spiritual Blessings in Christ59. Look to Jesus60. Fullness in Christ
61. Weapons against the Devil62. Appear in Glory63. Set Your Mind On High64. Exalt His Name
65. Power of Christ66. Promises67. Believe in Him68. Way Truth and Life
69. I Know the Plans70. Stir Up the Inner Strength71. Double Portion of your Spirit72. Faith