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Pr. Jacob Mathew

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1. Seven Churches2. Priestly Blessing3. Hell : Final Destiny of the Wicked-34. Hell : Final Destiny of the Wicked-2
5. God who Cares for You6. Hell : Final Destiny of the Wicked-17. Become a Disciple of Christ8. Power of the Holy Spirit
9. The Judgment Seat of Christ 10. Warring with your Prophetic Word 11. The Portrait of a Genuine Forgiveness12. Redeem the Time
13. Manasseh14. Likeness-215. Likeness16. Worthy of Our Call
17. Genuineness 18. The Anatomy of Abundant Life-219. The Anatomy of Abundant Life20. Keeping Hope Alive During Troubles
21. Reputation Isn't the Reality-322. Reputation Isn't the Reality-223. Reputation Isn't the Reality24. Three Secrets Satan Hopes You Never Find Out-2
25. Three Secrets Satan Hopes You Never Find Out26. Finally Be Strong In the Lord-227. Finally Be Strong In the Lord-128. A Heart That Needs Him
29. Honoring Mothers30. Spiritual Battle and Prophetic Words-231. Spiritual Battle and Prophetic Words-132. Beware of Destruction
33. Beware of Deception-234. Beware of Deception-135. You're Not Alone36. Don't Stop Trusting
37. Don't Be Afraid38. But you be watchful in all things39. Parting Words of a Dying Saint40. Preach the Word
41. Behaving With The Character of Christ-242. Behaving With The Character of Christ 43. Baptism in the Holy Spirit44. Holy Spirit - Ministry & Service
45. Holy Spirit - Image of Christ46. Holy Spirit- Subsequent to Salvation47. Holy Spirit and the Believer 48. Go or Wait-2
49. Go or Wait50. Future Is Best Left In His Hands 51. Overcoming Temptation52. Becoming Man of God's Word
53. Triumph In Trials-254. Triumph In Trials-155. Pick up the Cross, Follow56. Be Filled With Holy Spirit-2
57. Be Filled With Holy Spirit58. Power Walk-559. Power Walk-460. Power Walk-3
61. Power Walk-262. Power Walk-163. Help in Despondency64. He Is Not Here; He Is Risen-2
65. He Is Not Here; He Is Risen-166. Practical Principles to Know God's Will67. Relationship with God to Know the Will68. Understand the Will of God
69. Divine Guidance70. I Delight to Do Your Will71. Redeem Your Time72. Spiritual Gifts
73. Go the Second Mile74. Christ our Hope75. Hand of God76. An Attitude of Gratitude
77. Role of Church78. Lord is my Shepherd79. Faith's Response80. Family Life (Part-2)
81. Family Life (Part-1)82. Love Not the World83. Conditions for Promise84. Stepping Stones
85. Problems in Life86. Right Attitude87. How to be Successful88. Depression
89. Worry90. Holy Spirit - Our Personal Mentor91. Family and Marriage Relationship92. Seek First The Kingdom
93. Guard your Tongue (Part-2)94. Guard your Tongue (Part-1)95. Deborah96. Authentic Christian
97. Light of the World98. Submit yourselves to God (Part-2)99. Submit yourselves to God (Part-1)100. New in Christ (Part-2)
101. New in Christ (Part-1)102. Go To Peace103. New Year Message-2009104. God Is For You
105. Know God106. True Friend (Part-2)107. True Friend (Part-1)108. Paul's Journey
109. Use Me Lord110. Be Of Good Cheer111. Be An Overcomer112. Are you the One
113. Put God First114. Jesus is True115. Trust in God116. Have a Right Attitude
117. Walking in the Land of the Living118. Fear of Rejection119. Children For God120. Mission Impossible
121. Don't Let your Heart be Troubled122. We are in a Battlefield