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Rev. Dr. Sabu Varghese

Address : 100 PERIWINKLE RD, LEVITTOWN, NY 11756
Phone : (516) 390-9545
Email : nyica100@gmail.com

1. With me in the Waves 2. The Worthiness of the Weaker Vessel3. തകർച്ചകളെ ഓർത്ത് കരയുക4. El- Shadai God Almighty
5. Sacred Blood of Jesus6. Abundance of Glory 7. Lord who gives Success 8. Why do we need a Revival?
9. Cry and Compassion10. EL - ELOHE Israel 11. The Touch That Transforms12. Adoration and the Adored One
13. Prayer That Breaks The Pain 114. Prayer That Breaks The Pain 215. Begin and End in the Spirit16. Confidence in God's Leading
17. Kingdom Call in Critical Times18. The Passion , Presence and the Protection of our Shepherd 19. A Purpose That Cannot be Prevented by Poison 20. Praise , Presence and Power
21. The Disciples Mission 22. Promises in Pain 23. Shameless Prayers 24. For Us and For Ever
25. Arrows Against Atrocities26. Respond to Our Responsibilities27. Gospel and Grace 28. Consequences of Compromise
29. Faith and Family 30. Re-Digging for a Renewal31. Limitless Love32. The Blood That Speaks Better Things-2
33. The Blood That Speaks Better Things34. Consecrated and Comissioned35. Who is your Neighbour?36. Power of Promises 1
37. Power of Promises 238. The Liberating Power of Gods Spirit 39. Sensitive Saints40. Don’t miss your Miracle
41. Thriving Through Troublesome Times42. Noah a Righteous Man in a Rotten Time 43. Unseen Hand in Uncertain Times44. Prepared for a Purpose
45. Are You Snoring when the Enemy is Roaring46. Eyes of our Heart47. No Escape From God 48. The Day of the Lord
49. The Blood and the Bread50. Visible Giants and an Invisible God 51. Jesus Son of Living God52. When the Spirit Touch You
53. A Quarantine Caused by Fear54. Divine Intervention in Difficult Times55. Will it Withstand the Wind? 56. Without Faith it is Impossible to please God
57. 911 The Safest Call to Make 58. Born in Pain, Broke Through in Prayer59. Commission of the Holy Spirit 60. Infilling of the Holy Spirit
61. Infilling & Holiness 62. Kingdom Mission63. House of Prayer64. Three words on the Third day
65. The Ministry of Holy Spirit66. A Higher thought and a Higher Way67. Prayer of Purpose68. What makes us Great?
69. The Priestly Blessing70. The-Lord-Will-Provide71. It's time to move on72. Stir up the gift of God
73. Freedom in the Spirit74. An Effectual Door75. Above one76. Purity and Power
77. A Divinely Appointed Time78. He is coming like a thief79. What God allows is for good and His glory80. Gilgal and Golgotha
81. Worship82. Filled with the Holy Spirit83. The Lord who answers by fire84. When Kingdom becomes your Priority
85. Power and Possibility of the Gospel 86. See the Invisible87. The Fellowship of the Believers88. Mandate for Holy Living
89. Blood of Jesus90. I am Anointed