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Bro. Suresh Babu


1. Benefits of Fasting 2. Back to Intercession 3. Some through the Fire Some through the Water 4. We are more than Conquerors
5. Life of Freedom6. Our citizenship is in Heaven7. The Life of Victory 8. The Feast of Firstfruits
9. The Feast of Trumpets10. New grain Offering11. Feasts of the Lord12. The Blood of Jesus Speaks
13. 7 Raptures14. The Ark of the Covenant15. Enemies that hinder spiritual Worship16. Days of Noah
17. Power over the Enemy 18. Jesus Wept19. We eagerly await a Savior 20. Have Great Faith
21. Son of David22. We are more than Conquerors23. Blood of Jesus24. Victory through our Lord
25. Are you the King of the Jews26. King Anointing27. Priest Anointing28. Prophet Anointing
29. Son of Man came to seek30. Son of Man came to Serve31. The Life of Victory32. You are Different
33. I Am Who I Am34. I am the Resurrection35. Jesus Saves the Lost36. Son of God Appeared
37. Mystery of Godliness38. Jesus Preached among the Nations39. He appeared in a Body40. Have Faith in God
41. God was with Him42. Cleansed with Blood43. How Great He Was44. Jesus is Mighty
45. Jesus the King of Righteousness46. Jesus is the King Of Kings47. Jesus the High Priest48. Jesus the Prophet
49. Lord will fight for you50. Devil must not defeat you51. Prayer of Jabez52. Jesus is Risen
53. Christ in Gospel54. Jesus is the Rock55. Destroy the Works of Devil56. Through Fire and Water
57. Authority over Satan58. Praying in Tongues59. Visit of the Wise Men