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Bro. P G Vargis


1. Last Supper of Jesus2. God Knows our Need3. Fire Anointing upon Us4. God wants us to be Blessed
5. Why Jesus Came to Earth?6. Unto us a Child is Born7. Heavenly Father's Blessing8. Hurricane Life
9. God's Love makes us Worthy10. Fathers of the Tribes11. Flee from Curse-312. Flee from Curse-2
13. Flee from Curse-114. Jesus is in our Weak Spot15. Jesus after Resurrection16. Generation Blessings
17. Away from Curse-318. Away from Curse-219. Away from Curse-120. God of Israel
21. Jesus is in our Weak Spot22. Jesus after Resurrection23. Generation Blessings24. I am the Gate
25. Lord is my Shepherd26. Who is my God?27. Remove the Obstacles28. Peter Heals a Lame Man
29. God will Bless You30. What to do for a Miracle?31. Give for the Lord32. The Patriarchs
33. Forgive Others34. Righteous will Live35. Be a Joshua36. Victory in the Blood
37. Whom does God Help38. Whom does God Help39. Know your Enemy40. Be an Extraordinary Person
41. Be Faithful in your Work42. Grow in the Spirit43. Live like Jesus44. Jesus knows your Needs
45. Miracle46. Jesus Heals47. A Better Tomorrow48. Hagar
49. God will equip You50. Start growing in Christ51. Impossible made Possible52. Happiness to the Weary
53. Cornerstone54. Blessing Through Obedience (Part-2)55. Blessing Through Obedience (Part-1)56. Why did Jesus come to the Earth?
57. Time to be Born58. Who is a Christian?59. How to be a Good Servant of God (Part-2)60. How to be a Good Servant of God (Part-1)
61. Defeat the Enemy62. Walk with Jesus63. What Happens when Jesus Touch