Videos of Pr.John Thomas (Doha)
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Pr. John Thomas (Doha)


1. Christ, Suffering Servant2. Christ, Son of God3. The Great I Am4. Prince of Peace
5. Christ is King6. Christ the Cornerstone7. Christ the Lamb8. Christ the Son of Man
9. Christ the Word10. Christ the Bread of Life11. Called to be Holy12. Good Conscience
13. Saving faith is fruitful faith 14. Saving faith is sacrificial faith15. Taming the Tongue-116. Taming the Tongue-2
17. Taming the Tongue-318. Jesus Christ the wisdom of God19. Praying for God's Glory20. True wisdom
21. Pure and Peace loving22. The devil's destiny23. Waiting eagerly & patiently 24. The definition of Wisdom
25. The other 'Wisdom'26. Let Love be Genuine 27. Planning without God28. Worthlessness of Riches
29. Life that Pleases God30. Blessings31. Sin we Neglect32. The appearing of the Lord
33. Why the Promise of His Coming34. Jesus is coming Again35. Affliction and Comfort36. Introduction to the Epistle of James
37. Does God Always Heal 38. Prayer and Healing 39. Prayer of the Righteous40. If anyone wanders from Truth
41. Christ - The Seed of Woman42. Christ the Great High Priest43. The Better Priesthood of Christ44. We Need Such a High Priest
45. Christ - Holy and High Priest46. Look how Great He Is47. The King of Righteousness48. The True Prosperity
49. Pursuing Godliness in a Godless World50. Diligent Discipleship51. She did what she Could 52. The reason why we must Love
53. Christian response to Persecution 54. She did what she Could55. Partner in Christ Suffering56. Hope
57. Exhortation for the Elders58. So will be the coming of the Son of Man59. The Three Affirmations60. Humble yourselves to be Exalted
61. Walking in Truth and Love62. Avoiding false Teaching 63. A farmer went out to sow his Seed 64. This is the Lord’s Doing
65. Loving in Truth66. Light of the World67. It is well with my Soul 68. Very great and precious Promises
69. Life or Death, Christ is Glorified70. Christ’s life in daily Living 71. Fellowship of the Saints72. Christian Giving
73. The secret of contentment : Christ74. How can we think Biblically75. Rejecting good conscience76. Deliverance
77. Path of the Righteous78. God's will is your Sanctification-279. God's will is your Sanctification-180. When you see all these things
81. Be Restored82. Carefulness