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Dr. Satish Kumar

Address : Calvary Temple, Calvary Temple Road, Hydernagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India – 500 049.
Phone : +91 40 3001 3001, +91 40 3001 3001
Email : info@calvarytemple.in

1. Do Not Worry2. Don't Fall Into Sin3. We Will Certainly Be Saved 4. How To Have Peace In Your Life?
5. Jesus Won The Victory Over Death6. Solomon's Prayer-27. Do Not Cheat 8. The Fall Of Solomon
9. Solomon's Prayer 10. The Queen Of Sheba-111. The Queen Of Sheba-212. Family Arrangement
13. Have Mercy On Others14. Ananias & Sapphira15. Respect Your Parents16. Be A Man Full Of Wisdom
17. Correct Your Children With Love18. Spiritual Warfare-219. Spiritual Warfare-120. Surrender Yourselves To God
21. Live A Holy Life22. Walk By The Spirit23. What You Sow Is What You Reap24. Four Rules For A Blessed Life-2
25. Four Rules For A Blessed Life-126. Honor Your Parents27. Every Wise Woman Builds Her House-228. Every Wise Woman Builds Her House
29. Jesus Raises the Daughter of Jairus 30. Be Filled with the Spirit 31. Change Your Heart-132. Change Your Heart-2
33. Do All in the Name of the Lord 34. What Is True Worship?35. Do Not Turn Back36. Do not Worry
37. Do not Doubt38. Why Some Prayers Are Not Answered 39. Praise God in All Circumstances40. Not Exempt from Trouble
41. Peacemakers42. What Is Testimony 43. Way That Seems Right44. Ahab & Naboth's Vineyard
45. Suffering for His Glory 46. Do Not Steal47. Christ Is The Answer48.  Biggest Challenges Facing Christian Teens
49. Fear Not50. God the Great Bond Breaker 51. Do Not Deceive One Another52. God's Punishment For Sin
53. Christ Is The Solution To All Problems54. Imperishable Beauty And Quiet Spirit 55. Pray Without Ceasing56. Signs Of The Real Christian
57. Desire The Pure Milk Of The Word 58. They Shall Not Inherit The Kingdom of God59. The Counsel of Ungodly Men 60. Saul's Disobedience
61. Responsibility-262. Responsibility63. Virtues of Noble Woman64. Wisdom in Christ
65. Humble Yourself 66. Hear The Word Of God67. The Best Robe 68. The Cup-bearer Of The King
69. Mary Has Chosen The Better Part 70. Four Important Topics Of Spiritual Life71. Are You Spending Enough Time With God72. Are You Happy With Your Family
73. Trust In God74. Are You Seeking God75. How Is Your Spiritual Life? 76. Do You Have Faith In God?