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Pr. Anil Kant


1. Resist The Devil, And He Will Flee2. What Is That In Your Hand?3. Wait 4. Jesus Has Come
5. How Not To Take A Decision?6. My Friend My Enemy7. Four Marks8. Anxiety
9. Courage10. The Book Of Ruth11. Blessings When You Stay Within The Boundaries12. Four Things
13. Distractions14. What Gift Should I Bring?15. We All Are One16. Jesus Is The Priest Forever
17. Whom Shall I Fear 18. HE Knew Me19. If The Son Sets You Free20. Day Of Life
21. Strength And Power 22. Not Unknown23. God Will Give You Rest24. Good Run
25. Love More Than Yourself 26. Two Eyes27. Heavenly Bread28. God Calls Into Existence
29. Brethren Dwell Together In Unity30. All Burdens 31. Healing The Blind32. Marvellous Faith
33. The Seven Feasts of the Lord34. Time Is Short 35. Jesus -Name Above All Names36. Bread of Word
37. Salvation38. Mercy 39. Behavior40. Blame & Accusation
41. Inner Beauty42. Resist The Devil 43. Outer Appearance 44. Advice
45. The Parable of the Sower46. Reverse Travel47. The End Of Anger 48. Responsibility
49. Freedom 50. The Chosen People51. Relationship Confirmed52. True Success
53. New Day54. The Birth of Jesus55. First Love 56. Short Story
57. Don't Halt; Go Forward 58. The Sin and Punishment of Lot's Wife59. Do Not Doubt 60. Right Decision
61. Nehemiah62. Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled63. About Joshua64. Five Powers
65. Stay Alert 66. Astra Shastra67. Fruit Of The Holy Spirit 68. Don't Go Far From The House Of God
69. Live In The Image Of God70. Talks Of The Spirit 71. He Is The Lifter Of My Head