Videos : Pr. Duke Jayraj
1. How to stand firm in this world   2. The Loudest Temptation of them All  3. Be a Witness for God 
4. David and his desperation for God  5. Where is the Donkey?   6. Battering the sexual temptation sin 
7. You are called to be Witness for God  8. Overcome Sin  9. Spritual Warfare - No fear In Christ 
10. Victorious Christian Life  11. No fear In Christ   12. Total Transformation In Christ 
13. Backsliding  14. Cricket and Christianity  15. Run as you get the prize 
16. This Judas Could Be Any Of Us  17. Choosing Your Life Partner Wisely  18. The Habits of Jesus 
19. Beating Sexual Temptations-2  20. Beating Sexual Temptations-1 

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