Videos : Pr. Babu Cherian
1. Know your Debts  2. Prayer  3. We are Debtors 
4. Be Rooted in Christ   5. He Redeemed Us   6. The Vine and the Branches  
7. Bear Good Fruit   8. Abide in Me   9. Promise of the Spirit  
10. Truth Shall Set you Free (Part-1)  11. Truth Shall Set you Free (Part-2)  12. What the Lord has said will be Accomplished  
13. Know your God and Stand Firm (Part-1)  14. Know your God and Stand Firm (Part-2)  15. God of Daniel (Part-1) 
16. God of Daniel (Part-2)  17. Transformed by Gods Love   18. Move in Gods Love 
19. Realize the Love of God   20. Teach us to Pray  21. Some seeds fell among thorns and other on Good Soil  
22. Some seeds fell along the path and rocky places  23. Walking with Jesus   24. We May Return  
25. Gospel Partnership   26. Magnitude of Gods Grace  27. Freedom from Sin  
28. Don't misuse the Grace of God  29. Freedom In Christ  30. Receive the Power of the Holy Spirit  
31. You will receive power when the Holy Spirit Comes  

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