Audio / Video Downloading :

Many people ask this question on a regular basis. Due to the Huge Cost involved to provide this option in the website and because of the large volume of files the only solution to download Audio / Videos is to do a Google Search for free softwares. 


Install the free Adblock Plus adblocker in your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera) to block any Advertisements shown in MannaTv page.

Submitting Comments & Reporting Problems :

Tell us what you think.Tell us how this site served your needs and what improvements we can make.

Help us serve you better by telling us of any problems you experienced with our site such as missing Audio/Video, broken links, typographical errors, or any page layout problems you experienced.

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No picture at all :

Most of the videos in this website uses the latest version of Adobe Flash If you don't have it installed, please go to and update your copy, it's free and it takes literally seconds.

Update your Windows or other OS installation. Whilst it might be time consuming, they generally have a good reason for issuing all those annoying updates.

If using FireFox / Chrome, try to eliminate potential clashes with any plug ins that you may be using. Official plug-ins work fine, but some of the unofficial ones cause problems.

Jerky Picture :

This can be caused by a combination of factors, including low ADSL bandwidth, other users on the same network sharing the same connection, poor wireless signal between your computer and the router, inadequate processing capability, too little RAM and so forth.

If you are trying to use full stream on a lesser specification PC, we would respectfully suggest that you are likely to experience some jerkiness of picture, given that the videos are of high quality and this places demands on processing power.

If you are using an ATI video card, or one that is, shall we just say "getting on a bit", it may be worth disabling hardware acceleration. This will free up more resources for processing the video.

To Watch Videos Smoothly you need to have Broadband Connection. If you don't have it, you may want to start the video player and then click on the PAUSE button immediately. Wait until the Grey progress bar has reached the end of the video before playing it. Allowing the entire video buffer lets you watch it without interruption.

Picture Freezing :

When you first click on a video it is not uncommon to hear the audio, followed by a still image of video (a frozen picture) for a few seconds whilst your computer buffer fills up a little. The lower your bandwidth and the lesser the RAM fitted to your PC, the longer this will last.

Many ISPs use dynamic throttling techniques at peak periods, although few admit to doing so. Often these actions are selective, in other words, they may throttle external services but not those provided by themselves. Please be aware that this is an issue you may have to raise directly with your ISP.

Stream Not Found Message :

Your firewall settings may not be set to allow streaming, and a port may be blocking traffic (in which case try switching off the firewall for a few seconds to isolate the problem) or otherwise your IT department or ISP may have blocked streaming at source. You will have to ask them, we cannot do so on your behalf.

If the server where the videos are stored undergoes maintenance or other upgrades you will get this message.So please check the videos after some time.


If you've gone through the above, we will almost certainly be able to find a solution and you will soon be enjoying all the Spirit filled programmes of

Thank you.
Bobby Ambanattu

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