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1. Seven Churches (Part-1)  2. Seven Churches (Part-2)  3. Seven Churches (Part-3) 
4. Seven Churches (Part-4)  5. Seven Churches (Part-5)  6. Seven Churches (Part-6) 
7. Do not be Angry (Part-1)  8. Do not be Angry (Part-2)  9. Do not be Angry (Part-3) 
10. Wide and Narrow Gate  11. Enter the Kingdom  12. Purity of Heart 
13. Assurance Of Our Salvation  14. Love your Enemies (Part-1)  15. Love your Enemies (Part-2) 
16. Love your Enemies (Part-3)  17. Lay your Treasures in Heaven (Part-1)  18. Lay your Treasures in Heaven (Part-2) 
19. Life in the Spirit (Part-1)  20. Life in the Spirit (Part-2)  21. Life in the Spirit (Part-3) 
22. Life in the Spirit (Part-4)  23. Life in the Spirit (Part-5) 

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