Pr. Babu Cherian
Audio Sermons
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1. Gods Work   2. The Word of God   3. My Thoughts are not your Thoughts  
4. God has prepared a city for you   5. Any Who Seek God  6. Know your Calling 
7. Home of Martha and Mary   8. Gods Love   9. A New Creation in Christ  
10. Are you a new creation   11. Bear Good Fruit   12. He Redeemed Us  
13. He Sustains Everything   14. I will build my Church  15. I will sent you just like my father sent me 
16. Know What is Important   17. Know your God and Stand Firm   18. Let your Light Shine  
19. Truth Shall Set you Free  20. The Parable of the Sower   21. Spiritual Growth  
22. Love the Lord at all Times  23. Hear the Word and Understand   24. Glorify Gods Name and be His Disciple  
25. Exalt Him   26. Neither do I Condemn You   27. Jesus the Greatest Forgiver  
28. Jesus the Bread of Life   29. Transformed by Gods Love   30. Teach us to Pray 
31. Realize the Love of God   32. Presence of Jesus   33. Move in Gods Love  
34. Jesus The Bread of Life-2   35. Jesus The Bread of Life-1  36. Jesus Our Example  
37. Be Holy because I am Holy  38. Be Holy in all you Do  39. Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand 
40. Jesus is Coming  41. Dangers of Forgetfullness (Kumbanad 2013)  42. Let Us Exalt his Name Together 
43. We May Return  44. Let our Home Glorify God  45. Let God Become Your Best Friend (Kumbanad 2012) 
46. Know Right and Wrong  47. God wants you to Live a Holy Life   48. If anyone in Christ is a new creation 
49. I will build my Church   50. Gods Chosing  51. God of Daniel 
52. Dead to Sin,Alive in Christ   53. Gospel and Gods Role  54. Gospel Partnership  
55. I do all this for the sake of the Gospel  56. Partaker of the Gospel   57. Praise God at All Time 
58. Who is Wise  59. Joy and Pleasure  60. Jesus Calls His First Disciples  
61. Praise God at All Time  62. Manifestations of the Holy Spirit (Kumbanad 2014)  63. Declare the praises of him who called you out  
64. Concepts of Holiness  65. Freedom from Sin  66. Don't misuse the Grace of God 
67. Magnitude of Gods Grace   68. Death of Christ  69. Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ  
70. The Great Commission  71. The Spirit of the Lord came upon Samson  72. Prayer -1 
73. Prayer -2  74. Prayer -3 

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